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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  September 30, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a nationwide data breach has put shoppers cards at risk. important information for acme customers in new jersey and delaware. and a foggy start in parts of our area. here's a live look outside. we are tracking potential trouble for the morning commute. bill says it will get better as the day moves along. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's go to bill henley with his first alert forecast. hopefully we'll see sunshine later today. >> i think that's in the cards for us. but this morning dense fog forming in areas north and west. we're seeing widespread fog this morning. some areas down to zero visibility. the fog is going to take some time to clear and hasn't formed in philadelphia, but the humidity on the high side right now in center city. north and west, that's where the worst of it is. currently zero visibility in lancaster and coatsville zero visibility and look at mt. pocono and quakertown down a quarter mile there and thick fog will make for slow going. as far as showers are concerned,
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showers moved off shore and now scattered showers in delaware and they are starting to taper off, as well. so, fog to start with. 64 degrees at 7:00. and then breaks in the clouds at 9:00 and, yes, we'll see more sunshine at noontime. 70 degrees. i know jillian has been spotting some of that fog on the traffic cameras. seeing it out there right now, jillian? >> dense fog in portions of the lehigh valley. live look at route 22 right at mcarthur road. right at a light pole and that thick fog out there is what we're talking about and that's what bill was mentioning that dense fog in portions of the area. use caution. much different scene, though, closer to center city, philadelphia. average speeds there about 55 miles. so no slow downs to report on 95. 55 is what we're seeing on 76 and the blue route and 422, 65 is the average speed right now on the pennsylvania turnpike. tracy? >> jillian, thanks. we want to update breaking
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news out of burlington county. in the past ten minutes nbc 10 arrived on the scene of a shooting involving an off-duty police officer. nbc 10 matt delucia is live there this morning. matt, what have you been able to find out? >> tracy, the last time we saw you we saw investigators going over pieces of evidence. you can see the scene here behind me on stevenson avenue on edgewater park and the crime scene unit is out here, as well. in fact, they're moving their truck right now to get closer to the scene. in fact, just down the street here we saw some markers that are out in the middle of the road and there are several layers of this police tape that are here on stevenson avenue. so, this crime scene extends for quite a ways down here on this relatively quiet street at the moment. so, we've seen the police out here for the past hour or so. and, so, we're trying to get more information. the only thing we have been able to confirm right now is that an off-duty officer was involved here and several shots were
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fired. but, of course, as the investigators go, piece by piece out here they have been on both sides of the street here on this right side. investigators with flashlight over by the homes on the left side of the street just trying to look for any other pieces of evidence. presumably some shell casings. we gather more information, we have been making some phone calls and trying to get new information from the prosecutors' office, but, again, that information is still limited right now because it's so early on. as soon as we gather more information, we'll be back. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. also new from overnight, a man is in critical condition after being shot multiple times in philadelphia. police found the victim hiding under a car in west oak lane. he has been shot in both legs and his right arm. he was rushed to the hospital by police. also new from overnight, investigators looking for the cause of a fire at a row home in philadelphia that started just after midnight on front and
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spencer. everyone was able to make it out safely. shoppers in this area are learning about another data breach this morning. the parent company of acme supermarket say thieves may have gotten their hand on shoppers debit and credit card information. jesse gary is live outside acme in the mayfair section of philadelphia. jesse, it seems like we're hearing and reading about this problem all the time. >> chris, that's exactly right. from big box stores such as home depot to banking giant citigroup to t.j. maxx. nearly aspect of commerce in this country have been affected the past ten years by data breaches. putting hundreds of millions of customers' personal information at risk. take a look at our video. most recent case in point hits home here in the delaware valley. executives say there were two separate incidents dating back to june and ending just last week at some acme stores in the tri-state region and beyond. now, officials say malware collected credit and debit card account numbers and expiration dates and the name of card
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holders in stores at more than three dozen states. the company put out a response by executives that state the following. if you use your credit or debit card in a potentially affected store between june 22nd and july 17th and/or august 27th and september 21st, you should monitor your credit and debit card accounts and promptly contact the bank that issued your payment card. if you see suspicious activity. again, they don't believe any personal information such as social security numbers was taken, but account numbers off the cards may have been by this malware. this store behind me set to open up in the next hour or so. try to get some customer reacts and have that for you at 6:30. live in mayfair, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. at 5:35. here are three stories we're following on nbc 10 news today. >> new information in the murder of a pregnant woman in philadelphia. police now say the person of interest in the death of jasmine williams is also suspected of shooting and killing a man
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outside a popeye's restaurant last week. markese martin may have been trying to shot maher boyfriend. john sareden and his wife, joyce. the couple was found after a fire at their home sunday morning. that fire was contained to the sheridan's bedroom. an arson task force is investigating the fire, though prosecutors have not said if foul play is expected. happening today, the auction for revel casino is scheduled to resume this morning. it started last week, you remember, with that $90 million cash bid from florida developer glen sturob. parents are looking for some answers in the death of a preschooler. doctors have ruled out the flu, but now they're wait tog find out if the virus or if the death was caused by another virus that's hitting this area. and a danger on the roads unique to this time of year. triple a says it can be deadly. we'll explain how the direction in which you're driving could impact your safety.
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fog is getting thicker in much of the area, but you won't find it in camden this morning. live view from the adventure aquarium. 65 degrees at 5:37. with temperatures still falling and fog getting thicker for much of the area. the latest when we come right back. the usual?
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we're watching for fog. not going to see it right in center city, but look on the horizon. you can see a little bit of fog form. it's especially thick in the lehigh valley. this is the view from near the mall and the fog has gotten thicker. down to a quarter mile visibility there. parts of the yare warea are see zero visibility. the humidity on the high side for hazeltown. that's an improvement and coatstown was down to zero and still thick fog for allentown and lancaster is reporting zero visibility this morning. mainly north and west, fog is
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not a problem in wilmington or philadelphia or south jersey. the fog will clear, the clouds will start to break at 9:00. you'll see some breaks of sunshine, but at noontime partly sunny skies and 70 degrees and sunshine this afternoon, though there's a chance we'll see a shower later today and a few chance of shower on the seven-day forecast. got that when i come back. 20 minutes until 6:00 now. see how the morning drive is shaping up. >> fog in some areas and what should we know about, jillian. >> word of our first accident of the morning. happening on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard and stick to the inner drive there. this is a live look near conshohocken and no significant delays to report just yet. this cleared out of norristown and debris on the roadway at barbados street and that is gone and out of there. coming up in a few minutes, a live look at the ben franklin bridge. tracy? from our delaware bureau this morning, a new push to crack down on people who text behind the wheel.
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for the first time ever dover police are dedicating an entire team just to target drivers who are texting or talking without using hands-free devices. both are illegal in delaware. police say distracted driving led to more than 140 crashes in the state last year, including dozens of injuries and three deaths. targeting people over the phone. police in two states now say they're seeing an increase in phone scams. what you need to know this morning. plus, a potential case of ebola here in the united states as we get new information about when a vaccine could be ready.
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the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for a dunkin' donuts dark roast. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. rejoice with the 99-cent medium hot or iced dark roast today. some breaking news we're following this morning at 5:44. this is happening in burlington county. a live picture of the scene of an investigation here. here's what we know. this happened in edgewater park. an off-duty police officer shot a man at least twice. that part we've confirmed, an off-duty police officer shot a man and circumstances under which he shot that man still under investigation at this point. this is happening on stevenson avenue on edgewater park burlington county. matt delucia is on scene getting information as we speak. he'll join us later for a live update in a moment. concerns are growing in another part of new jersey. mercer county as officials there try to figure out what caused a preschooler to die.
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parents attended a meeting in hamilton township last night. they want to know what killed a 4-year-old boy last week. he was suffering some type of respiratory illness. state health officials so far have ruled out flu, but now they're waiting to see if enterovirus d-68 is to blame. meantime, some parents stauoppe sending their kids to school. >> my children will not be going to school until we know what we're dealing with. >> bring your children to school. we're ready for them. this is where they belong. we have taken all the precautions we need to take. >> once the for disease control and prevention gets the sample, it will take three days to get the result. symptoms of the ebola virus. the patient's symptoms and recent travel indicate a case of ebola. now, the person is in isolation. the virus has killed more than 3,000 people so far across west
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africa and infected a handful of americans who have traveled to that region. meantime, the world health organization says 10,000 doses of experimental ebola vaccines could be available in the upcoming months. no vaccine has been proven safe or effective for treating the virus in humans but testing of other products has already begun. from our nbc 10 delaware bureau some first responders in the first state will be getting a big help thanks to a six-figure grant. they join members of the etna hook and ladder company in newark to announce a fema assistance grant for firefighters. the grant will help the fire department buy 40 sets of new protective gear. >> you worry about attacks from isis and worry about cyberattacks and hopefully none of us will ever be confronted with that, but we have all to be faced with in our communities fires. be it in our homes or businesses. this is really to protect our
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homes in our homeland. >> aetna one of the busiest fire departments. it covers about 25 square miles. today the mayors of wilmington and camden will be back at work in washington, d.c., for day two of the violence reduction network summit. only five cities across the u.s. were selected for this program, which ames at reducing violent crime. the two-year program will assign each city to a federal go-to person who can get them access to federal funding to help fight crime and other resources like the atf and the fbi. now, this is not a federal takeover of law enforcement in those cities, but it is another way to make sure those cities have the tools they need. other cities selected were detroit, chicago and oakland. 5:47. philadelphia is getting some help to protect children from violence. the city has received three grants from the department of justice worth nearly $1 million. the money will be used for violence prevention programs that will help keep kids in school and get them jobs. one of those programs is the
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school justice collaboration. its goal is a 50% reduction in the number of children arrested. happening today, some delaware lawmakers are hosting a holiday job fare. two u.s. senators and a congressman are hosting a job fair in newark this afternoon. this is video from their previous job fairs. more than 35 stores in the mall are looking for seasonal and full-time workers. >> it's a great opportunity for hundreds of folks to augment their income by getting an additional part-time job or a seasonal job a chance for young people to get their first foot on the bottom rung of the ladder up into the workforce or those who are looking for just a little extra income at holiday time. >> over the last three years, the congressional delegation has hosted 24 job fairs in delaware. it's 5:48. today drexel university will dedicate a new plaza on campus. the university has transformed the center of its campus along 32nd street between chestnut and
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market street. the resulting area will now be known as the raymond pearlman plaza. there will be another hearing today over the controversial plans to build a waw in a montgomery county community. that wawa built on 11th and fayette street in conshohocken. the proposed super wawa with gas pumps is the center of debate since first announced in 2010. some residents and business owners are worried this will bring unwanted traffic to the area. but wawa's goal is to complement the community it serves. council members turned down its earlier plans so it repackaged the proposal. a warning for you this morning about the roads this time of year. >> officials with triple a say now until the end of daylight-saving time until november 3rd is the deadliest time for east to west commuters. during october the sun rises between 7:04 and 7:34 when
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commuters are headed out. the national weather service says the first 15 to 45 minutes of sunrise is the most dangerous. now, to avoid accidents, triple a advises motorists to take additional precautions to avoid being blinded by light by cleaning windshields, slowing down and altering commutes whenever possible. skies are going to break this afternoon for some sunshine. but this morning, we're starting off with clouds. no sign of any fog in this view and not everybody is seeing the thick fog that areas north and west are getting. clouds are over philadelphia and the humidity is at 84%. 66 degrees right now with the wind calm. still tracking a few light showers new castle county and newark getting light rainfall and this is the tail end of the system that brought us showers yesterday and into last night. showers have already ended off shore. but look north and west. you can see breaks in the clouds
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and some clearing. that's what we're going to see during the day. we're going to get the clouds breaking and commroetly clear out and we'll get enough sunshine to warm us into the 70s this afternoon. turns out to be a decent day but a chance of isolated showers later this afternoon, especially in new jersey. they will be blowing inland as the temperatures climb into the middle 70s this afternoon. tomorrow, not as warm as today, we'll be in the 70s tomorrow afternoon and there's a chance of some scattered showers in the morning and in the afternoon. just some isolated showers. they'll be done by thursday. in fact, a nice, sunny day. thursday, a real winner. 75 degrees and we'll start off with sunshine on friday. but clouds building and by friday evening, we may be tracking some more showers in the area. this weekend, though, the showers take a break and so does the milder weather. cooling down saturday and look at the cool weather for the eagles game sunday afternoon. 67 degrees and staying a bit cool on monday with clouds and sunshine and a high of 71 degrees. thanks, bill.
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nine minutes before 6:00. one accident to take note of, let's get a check of the roads right now. >> jillian mele has an update right now, jillian? >> a big delay building on 95 southbound and you can see it all because of overnight construction that didn't clear in time that lingered out there a little bit longer and in the process of clearing right now and that construction is 95 southbound right near the commodore barry bridge. as you can see, backing things up for some drivers. as soon as that construction gets out of there, that delay will clear a little bit. keep you updated there. accident on the boulevard southbound just past adams avenue and that's on the outer drive so stick to the innerer drive. right as you approach lansdale and we could see a delay in that area. ben franklin bridge is looking great. we do have some of that construction set up on the westbound side. chris? the international olympic committee is in rio de janeiro to see what progress that city has made in preparing for the
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2016 olympic games. olympic officials told brazil to decide who will plan and pay for the olympics and related infrastructure. brazilian organizers have originally only budgeted for half the projects that will be needed for the 2016 games. got some making up to do there. time now to cast your vote for our high school blitz game of the week. here are your choices for this week. st. joseph against vineland. that westchester was leading. you can tex or call your one-time vote to 610-624-4111 the game with the most votes featured on the high school blitz which airs every saturday 7:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. we have new information about the fate of more than two dozen same-sex couples who were married in pennsylvania before
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the state ban was lifted. we'll tell you about the proposed plan that would allow them to stay together and how it could affect their wedding date. plus, millions of dollars to train students and help them find jobs. only one school in our area is getting that. that story ahead in our county-by-county coverage.
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three minutes before 6:00 right now. a proposed deal could help 27 same-sex couples who married in pennsylvania before judge struck down the state's gay marriage ban. under the deal, those marriages would be legal. now, the plan only involves the couples who are filing that lawsuit. their legal wedding anniversary then would become may 20th of 2014. that's the day the state's gay marriage ban was overturned. a judge must approve that deal. looking at the stories that we're following for you county by county this morning. we begin in muontgomery county. police say an increase in phone scams where someone pretends to be a representative of peco. they tell the victim their account is past due and typically demand payment through a visa green dot money pack.
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also a warning to people in new castle county about another phone scheme there. new castle county police say the callers claim to be from the irs or treasury department. they say you owe back taxes. they trick the people into buying a prepaid credit card and sending it to them to pay off the fake debt. a $10 million grant will help students at north hampton community college in bethlehem. the money will be used to train students for highly skilled jobs in health care, manufacturing and transportation. the school must also work with employers to help connect students with jobs after they graduate. and in camden county, some community college students will get some help when it comes to getting their four-year degrees. officials from camden county college signed a new agreement to allow any student to transfer to rutgers as long as they have a 2.0 grade point average.
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>> great partnership that will bless a lot of kids. good for them. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. and that breaking news, an off-duty police officer shoots a man in burlington county. we're live on the scene asking questions to find out why it happened. an officer versus officer. a fight breaks out between two philadelphia cops while on duty. a foggy commute. parts of our area socked in this morning. we'll get your forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we say good-bye to september. hi, bill. >> it's going out with temperatures that will be typical for this time of year in the 70s, but we're starting off with some thick stuff. north and west, especially. there was some rain that has ended at cape may. that is a live view from the marquise to lafayette hotel. we're keeping an eye on this
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camera. center city is not seeing fog. look at the distance. see a little bit of fog in this view. well, it is much thicker north and west. coatsville quarter mile visibility and allentown is socked in with quarter mile visibility and zero for mt. pocono and lancaster. so, a foggy start and a big damp, too, in delaware. you see the last few showers are moving through new castle county and delaware and into south jersey. so, a foggy and misty start for some areas north and west with temperatures in the 50s at the bus stop this morning. otherwise clouds over center city and by 9:00, 66 degrees. we will see more sunshine at noontime. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood. first, jillian mele is seeing the fog and the moisture on the cameras this morning. how are we doing out there, jillian? >> seeing that on some of our cameras, but certainly not here. live look at 95. following overnight construction that is lingering. 95 southbound just past the blue route. you see the lane restriction we have here doesn't look like much